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Welcome To Quantum Acupuncturist

Thank you visiting our site. We know when it comes to your health and wellness, you have many choices. Here at Quantum Acupuncturist your health is our #1 concern.

Our entire New Mexico based staff are trained in both traditional Quantum Acupuncture and the more modern Quantum Acupuncturist. While the oriental form of Acupuncture has existed for thousands of years, we believe that Quantum Acupuncturist takes things to a new level.

We encourage you to come in to our clinic for a free consultation. Our staff will start by listening to you, as we think this is the missing element in western medicine. We want to hear how you are feeling, what feels right in your body and perhaps what feels wrong. We will spend 30 minutes just listening to your concerns before we start a physical evaluation.

We know that many people have a fear of needles and the thought of having tiny needles placed in your body to help you feel better can be very strange. During your consultation we will fully explain the science behind Quantum Acupuncture and help quiet any fears you may have.

Let Us Help You Feel Your Best

If you take the first step and visit our clinic, we pledge to take the next step and help you feel better. Acupuncture can treat a large number of problems and conditions, but it all starts with you visiting our offices for your free evaluation.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. While we can not give specific medical advice without first doing an evaluation, we are happy to provide general information about acupuncture and how our practice works.